For the power of personal example or why happiness is not paramount

At the bottom of the sea, pearls and stones are mixed. And praiseworthy is among the shortcomings and mistakes. Rumi

Nowadays, we read everywhere that happiness and joy do not come by themselves, we must fight for them, seek them high and low, strive only for that and think positively. To this, we also add: fly high above the earth, look life through rose-colored glasses. In that way, we can see selectively, only what pleases us, not what upset us… because that is life, look at yourself and don’t waste your time and energy feeling the suffering of others.

We turn a blind eye to injustice and evil, praying that the same fate isn’t awaiting us. And so we live happily, fluttering our wings and avoiding every difficulty because that’s not why we were born – to have a hard-knock life and live in deprivation…

No! We are here to have fun and be happy! And to live in affluence and abundance, as befits the highest step in the Earth’s hierarchy. We go home, lock the door, sit on the couch and take a break.

We are now far from any danger. But calm and seemingly isolated, we don’t really see where the beast has hidden… By being prepared, a person becomes the easiest prey for this beast. The one who thinks he knows everything and can do anything. The person with high belief in himself, with high self-esteem and ego, he is preferred. He made sure that

what happened to his neighbor would never happen to him because he was informed! He has read dozens of books on the subject, passed courses, received knowledge. He built a fortress wall around his castle, he dug a moat, no enemy can cross!

Well yes, but actually no!

In fact, our greatest enemy is not sleeping outside the gate, amidst the misery of the people, we are looking away from, the poverty or diseases we are afraid of. We have no senses for it, to register and keep him safe. He is invisible, passes through walls and settles in us, lying in a cozy, warm place, we cultivate him with the utmost care and without realizing he grows up and as a skilled speaker and philosopher manages to convince us of the rightness of his wishes… let me share my opinion. The pursuit of happiness is our greatest enemy. It is the sleeping evil. Once we have achieved happiness, we are soothed, intoxicated, blurred…

A happy person stops developing, seeking, paying attention, loses his instinct. And slowly he starts to weaken, becomes vulnerable… He is complacent and his ego begins to grow… And with that, his fear that he will not lose his wealth and happiness.

Happiness is the enemy of self-development, of the path to yourself, and of the risk of taking on new horizons… Among our fears of not sinning, we lose our motivation, our adventurous spirit. We become slaves to this beast and live only to please it, not awaken it, make it angry, and stop it from destroying our sandcastle. We insure, make deposits, accumulate assets and advise our children not to take the difficult path and not take risks because they can lose everything. But then how will they grow up and be wise … which is what we really want for them.

For example:

From the very beginning, they have been outlining our perimeter, setting limits and norms, and if we leave it or break it, we must know that we will surely have trouble. And if we accidentally cross that border, we are deprived of everything we love to remember that if we dare again, we will be miserable. Are we the best role model in this way, is this the crown of our evolution, a captive life, captivity of pleasures, of senses, captivity of happiness.

Living in a frame and security, like an animal trapped in a cage, we somehow vaguely remember what it is like to be free and to dare… We see the world through the screens, listen to what the strong ones of the day tell us, and our survival instinct we fall asleep every night with another drink.

Unable to accept defeat, to shake hands with our colleague and to congratulate him sincerely on being better than us, to realize our strengths and to develop them, to acquire the identity from which we run and we fear so much… to thank, that we are here on earth,

regardless of the conditions of the moment, to learn to fight to be happy, in the most difficult conditions, to seek them, not to run from them, because they bring a sure victory! Everyone is different and has their own path to follow, but we all, different, can be the same, and that is… by personal example. Through it, we are the change we are constantly talking about. Let’s leave the world behind a better place for future generations, let us prove that we deserve to be called the crown of creation.