Facial Serum


Бърза поръчка

    Наш сътрудник ще се свърже с Вас възможно най-скоро за уточнение на адреса, срока и цената за доставка. Плащането се извършва с наложен платеж на куриерската фирма.



    Facial serum, that fight against the aging process  of the skin.
    Enriched with complex of natural oils from bio certificated agriculture.
    Provides softness, shine and silky finish to the skin.
    The natural oils in this formula contain micronutrients, which are important for maintaining the balance on the skin microflora.
    The pomegranate seed oil, has anti-oxidant action, contain vitamins C and B5 and improves the elasticity of the skin.
    The borage oil is rich of gamma linolenic acid, which moisturizes the skin.
    The etheric oil of neroli improves the skin tonus and the collagen synthesis