Interview with the psychologist and face of my brand -Veneta Zdravkova

Hi, I’m Sarah Samadi! Those of you who already know me are aware that I am a “seeker” of the harmony between man and nature and this is the essence of the cosmetics I create. This is also the reason why I use pure, natural oils that are rich in fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements.

To follow this line of naturalism, I also decided to find a face for my new series, which embodies the genuine feminine beauty.

She is not a professional model, but she is a professional in her work – a woman, who smiles more and more widely, while aging gracefully.

– Veneta Zdravkova, anyone who opens my site will see your face here. Tell us a few words about yourself.

– I am a psychologist by profession and a mother and wife at home.

You know, we seem alike! You are the one who finds and helps with your beauty products for the external beauty of people and I work and seek for the inner. Both are interrelated.

– You have agreed without hesitation to become the face of Sara Samadi, and that is far from your other interests. Why?

– “The truth is, it’s hard for me to find cosmetics that I trust. I had already tried your products, I’ve received them as a gift, and they were extremely qualitative! I prefer natural products because I think there is nothing more beneficial to my skin and hair than what nature can give me. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to learn that you are your own “creator” of these exceptional products that meet all my requirements. The second reason is that I liked the way you stand behind your conviction about the cosmetics you create. They should be natural with no compromise on quality.

– What do you think of today’s woman?

– “There is an abundance of beautiful women around us that plastic surgery enhances on a daily basis. But society is becoming craving for “personalities” more and more because in recent years the concept of “beauty” has undergone the metamorphose of satiation. However, I believe that femininity is not a role. It can only be created by emphasizing personal qualities. Femininity is not only determined by how dressed we are, how long our eyelashes and hair are… Femininity is being emotional, it is the connection with the heart that carries warmth, depth, and creates sensations.

– How do you take care of your appearance?

– For several years with your products that bring me a sense of unity and harmony with nature. I do nothing special, no magic spells (smiley) – cleaning, hydrating, nourishing. As I said, I trusted you and I’m not sorry!

– What about your inner beauty? What do you nourish it with?

– With love!