About me

Sara Samadi

My passion for the art, called Medicine, was born of my love for the greatest creator who is inside and around us – Nature!

I felt inspired by it…. I wanted to get to know it, to understand its idea, to touch its creations. Questions came up… And I took the path nature was pulling me into – the path to getting to know me.

At that moment I decided to study Medicine. And my whole life changed …

Walking my path, I gained experience and knowledge. But when there were difficulties, I didn’t look back. And not even for a moment did I doubt the perfection of its plan.

I kept going forward because inside I knew it was my Destiny!

I learned that everything is a process. That success comes when we learn to smile through every setback. And, perhaps the most important lesson I learned is to never stop developing, to continue building and being inspired, even by Nature’s smallest creations… to become an artist of my own destiny! To be someone’s inspiration, too…


During my medical training, the idea to create a series of natural products came up. One that would be the primary concern for one of the protective barriers of our body – the skin.

My roots are intertwined between Afghanistan and Bulgaria. My family’s name is Samadi.

Samadis have been famous for making creams for generations. They were also concerned with maintaining the health and longevity of the rulers.

And nowadays, the stored old recipes find new life and application in the face of the cosmetic line that I present to you.

To be even more perfect, to meet even the most demanding users, I had to gain skills.

I acquired them from Formula Botanica: Accredited Organic Skincare

And I am currently enjoying a knowledge-based qualification as well as the drive to continually develop, come up with new formulas that will nourish your senses and meet your needs!

I think it is appropriate to open a new page in my book and introduce you to everything that I think will be interesting and useful to you.

I will inform you. I’ll also introduce people to inspire you …