Perhaps the most important thing is to never stop developing, getting inspired, even by the smallest creations of Nature… That’s how you become an artist of your own destiny! And another person’s inspiration…

inspired by nature

Face cream Frangipani


Facial cream with innovative formula and gentle texture.
Enriched with seaweed extract, grown in an ecologically clean area and natural oils from bio certified agricultural land.

Face cream Jasmine


Facial cream with innovative formula and delicate texture.
Enriched with seaweed extract, grown in an ecologically clean area and natural oils from organic certification.

Happy clients
I use face serum mostly in the evening after cleansing. When applied with a light massage, the feeling is very pleasant and the skin moisturizes and soothes. I strongly recommend the face serum, because of its natural ingredients, the pleasant feeling that it has on the skin and the amazing results that are visible even after a short period of use!
Svetlomira Paskova
I like and am very pleased with the Bulgarian cosmetics. I decided to try something new and special, that’s how I came across Sarah Samadi’s facial products. It is important to me that they are naturally made with a lot of love and labor. The facial products became my favorites because my skin became tender and glossy. A feeling and special products that are to be tried. Thanks and a lot of success
Galina Stoyanova
As the years progress, I am almost 40, I started to notice skin imperfections. I am happy for knowing Sara and I am sure that she has created a product with high quality made with a lot of love! I use her creams and I am very satisfied. The healthy glowing and radiant skin that I enjoy is because her products. As soon as I touched the cream, I knew that it was special. The delicate texture and exquisite scent give me a sense of luxury, calm and harmony.
Galina Mihova
I’ve used Sara Samadi’s cosmetics and I was just fascinated. It lives up to all my expectations and even exceeds them. I recommend it to anyone for whom it is important the maintaining of the skin through the gifts of nature
Vanja Dzheleva
I'm a woman in my 50s and I’m more than satisfied with the moisturizer cream. Deep hydration, refreshes, rejuvenates and I just love using it. I highly recommend it
Neli Atanasova
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